Technology in the Classroom: Piktochart

My elective course for my Bachelor of Education is focused on a variety of different ways teachers can incorporate technology into everyday learning. We were asked to create a 15 minute presentation that demonstrated to the class how we could use a chosen online resource to enhance our lessons. My group chose to show the class how infographics can be used in many subjects as a 21st century take on a poster. Not only do they allow students to organise a lot of fairly complex information into a simple visual representation, infographics are a fun way for students to be creative and delve deeper into their subject matter.

Below is a copy of the presentation that we used for our introduction to Piktochart, the software we chose to use to demonstrate how easy it is to incorporate technology in our lessons. Ā Attached is also the instruction sheet we used to walk the class through the basic functionality of Piktochart.

Please Note: If you are having problems viewing the full slide, click on the arrowhead at the top right side to open in a new window.

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